Temporary Closure Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) advises that Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp at Giru will be temporarily closed while maintenance works are carried out.

The Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp maintenance works is scheduled to be carried out during the following dates, with work crews taking advantage of the low tides during this period and allowing the works to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Monday 10 June to Friday 21 June 2019 – Completed and re-opened 21 June 2019

Tuesday 2 July to Saturday 6 July 2019

Monday 26 August to Saturday 31 August 2019

Day and night work, weather, tides and construction permitting.

The work involves:

– removal and reforming of the left-hand rock shoulder

– grout replacement

– sealant repairs to cracked walls and plank joints

– other rock placement works

Sections of the Cromarty Creek camping grounds and car park will remain closed to all users. The contractor will need to restrict access to ensure the safety of their workers and members of the public (refer to diagram attached).

Every effort will be made to minimise noise during the repair works, however vehicles and equipment used for this work includes excavators, body trucks, hand held tools and temporary lights. You may also hear reversing warning signals.

Workplace Health and Safety management procedures stipulate that these warning signals cannot be turned off, even in residential areas.

Alternative boat ramp facilities:

Ocean Creek

Hell Hole landing

Groper Creek

Wallace Creek

Plantation Creek

Barratta Creek (Jerona)

Railway Estate (Barnicle Street Boat Ramp)

Barramundi (Morris) Creek

Townsville Recreational Boating Park

Further information about the maintenance works at Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp can be obtained by contacting TMR’s

Customer and Stakeholder Management team on 1800 625 648 or via email at.

Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp


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