Waterwise program aims to cut water bills

Burdekin Shire Council is planning a Shire-wide community education program aimed to reduce water consumption and in turn, residential and commercial water bills.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said Council was keen to work with residential and commercial customers to help reduce demand and enhance the Shire’s water resilience.

“A recent increase in watering of lawns and gardens has placed pressure on Council’s water supply and associated pumping and treatment,” Cr McLaughlin said.

“While we have a number of capital projects in the pipeline, including the construction of a 5 megalitre reservoir at Home Hill, Council wants to work in partnership with its water customers to decrease demand on residential and commercial water supply.”

While reducing consumption through the waterwise education program will decrease pressure on Council water supply network, the benefits to customers will be a saving to household and business budgets.

As part of the adoption of the 2019/20 Budget, Council revised its water charging regime resulting in a small increase to Tier 1 consumption from 25c per kilolitre to 26c per kilolitre. The vast majority of residential customers fell within Tier 1 consumption levels during 2018/19

Larger water users are encouraged to actively monitor water usage to minimise increases to water bills.

Table 1 summarises the new water charging regime.

Table 1 – 2019/20 Water Charges

Water Access Charge$451$460
Tier 1 (Consumption up to 1 megalitre)$0.25 per kilolitre$0.26 per kilolitre
Tier 2 (Consumption above 1 megalitre)$1.25 per kilolitre$1.50 per kilolitre

*These figures do not include for water supplied by Council’s Giru Water Supply Scheme to properties included in rating category F – Sugar Milling


“Through the planned waterwise education program we want to provide a range a practical tips for customers to ensure they manage their water consumption and in turn minimise any increases to, or hopefully reduce, their water bills,” Council’s Water and Wastewater Manager Shaun Johnston said.

“The need for a waterwise community education program was identified as a key initiative of a broader Council approach to enhancing water security and resilience to residential and commercial water supply.

“Council looks forward to working collaboratively with water customers across the Shire to reduce water consumption. I encourage residents to ‘watch this space’ for tips to save money.”

Water Saving Tip #1: Stop the constant drip!

Leaking taps are a waste of precious water – up to 10,000L per year for a large leak! Fixing a dripping tap is easy, but if you need you can call a local plumber to help you.

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