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To see the information that we currently have about your event you can either

To be included in the Events Calendar

To include details about your event in the Events Calendar please complete the following form online.

You can use the same form to request that your event should be added to the Events Calendar or to advise us of any amendments that are required.

Please enter the details about your event below if you want to have it included in the Burdekin Community Events Calendar.
  • Create a snappy title that highlights some key benefits of your event to get attention. Use just enough words to clearly describe your event, and save the rest for the summary.
    Example1. Burdekin PCYC Blue Light Disco
    Example2. Tech Talks – Hacking – What’s it all about?
  • Make a two-sentence summary including: (1) a single pain-point on who this is for, (2) points out a special feature of the event, and (3) some super juicy benefits to be gained by attending.
  • A great description contains everything attendees will need to know to make a quick decision whether to attend your event.
    Your event description can be informative and thoughtful, though being concise helps a great deal here. Use clear, simple language to describe the event.
    This is the place to tell people what to expect from your event. How should they prepare for the event? Do they need to bring anything?
    Include any useful links to websites, videos, Facebook etc.
  • Examples
    Saturday 8th March 2014 8pm to 10pm.
    Every second and fourth Tuesday 9am to 4pm.
    Every Monday 9am to 11am.
    All day Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th March 2014.
  • Leave blank to hide any cost information.
    Enter a 0 for events that are free.
    Example. Adults $10, Children $5.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please include a suitable image, flyer or program.
    Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, png or pdf.
  • Venue Details

    Please include details about the venue below.
    If you are unsure of the exact address, please enter as much information as you can.
  • Please enter where you event is being held, or enter Various Locations if you meet at different locations each time.
  • Enter the venue phone number in the format
    (07) 4783 1111 or 0459 123 456
  • Organiser Details

    Please include details about the organiser below
  • You must enter the name of the organiser and a telephone number where the organiser can be contacted.
  • Enter the event organiser phone number in the format
    (07) 4783 1111 or 0459 123 456
  • Additional Event Details

    Please enter any useful web site links and any additional information that may be useful to your visitors.
  • Enter the website for the event if there is one.
  • Enter the Facebook page for the event if there is one.
  • Enter the Twitter feed for the event if there is one.
  • Enter the hash tag to be used for the event if there is one.
  • Enter any links to other relevant sites or any additional useful information.

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