Between Christmas, New Year and Australia Day, Australians produce more waste than at any other time of year. There are many simple ways that you can recycle and reduce wastage and enjoy a cleaner and greener Christmas period.

Here are the 12 Do’s of Christmas:

1. Durable Decorations

Buy good quality decorations that can be reused or make your own.

2.  Celebrate waste reduction and recycling at parties!

Set up well-signed recycling options at your parties and choose the most environmentally friendly options where possible.

3. Give thoughtful gifts

Find out what your recipients really want, or choose an experience or charity gift.

4.  Re-wrap it up

Use reusable or recyclable wrapping paper.

5. Full tummy, empty bin

Prevent food wastage, only open what you need, serve smaller portions, store and use leftovers.

6. Useful scraps

Compost or worm farm your unavoidable food scraps.

7. Recycle Right

‘Tis the season for milk, juice and custard cartons, foil trays, glass bottles and aluminium cans. Ensure to keep up your recycling practices over the Christmas period.

8. Electrifying recycling

Many components and materials inside electronics can be re-used and recycled. If they are sent to the landfill, these precious resources are lost and there can be a risk of heavy metal contamination in the soil and waterways. Fortunately, you can recycle an ever-increasing variety of electronic goods for free.

9. Batteries Included

Give a recharger pack with any battery operated gifts – it’ll save money and reduce the gift’s impacts.

10. Cleaner transport

Ensure your car runs efficiently by inflating the tyres and tuning the engine and recycling your old car oil, tyres and batteries.

11. Recycle cards at home

Recycle your cards at home or use them for arts and crafts. Send an electronic card by email to friends and family – this will save on natural resources.

12. Love a tree

Live trees can have a second life as mulch or compost while artificial trees can be reused for decades if properly cared for.

Have an Appy Christmas with RecycleSmart – Powered by Planet Ark’s RecyclingNearYou

The new free RecycleSmart App is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling app using data drawn from Planet Ark’s RecyclingNearYou site to provide information for every council area in Australia. It enables residents to search for both kerbside and drop off services for a huge range of materials on your phone or tablet.

For more ideas about how to have a cleaner and greener Christmas visit Planet Ark’s website –


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