Council footpath or property

If your organisation or sporting club would like to sell raffle tickets or hold a street stall on a Council footpath or property permission is required. To obtain Council permission please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4783 9800 to see if your desired date and location are available. Council also requires your organisation or club to provide a current copy of your public liability to the value of $10 million dollars.

Private footpath or property

If your organisation or club would like to sell raffle tickets or hold a street stall at Woolworths, Coles or the East End Centre you will need to contact those businesses as the footpath is private land.

What conditions must be met when holding a raffle or street stall on Council’s footpath?

  • The flow of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, in the surrounding area and into shop premises is not disrupted;
  • The activity is not to cause a danger or nuisance to surrounding shop premises or area;
  • The permit does not give approval to enter any business houses to sell or hawk goods;
  • The visual amenity of the surrounding area must not be adversely affected in any manner;
  • All related vehicles are to be relocated to an off-street location once the street stall is set up;
  • Goods are to be displayed to a maximum of 1200mm from the shop frontage;
  • Signage is to be a maximum width of 1200mm and 1200mm in height from the shop frontage;
  • Tables and chairs are to be placed on the footpath to a maximum width of the shop premises frontage and to a maximum depth of 1200mm.
  • Once the activity is completed, the site is to be cleaned and obstacle free;
  • If the footpath is damaged as a result of the activity, payment must be made to the Council for the amount required to rectify the damage.
  • Any waste generated as a result of the activity must be disposed of appropriately, and a rubbish receptacle for customers is to be provided as necessary;
  • Hours of operation are to be those times relevant to business operating hours;
  • Attendants being seventeen (17) years of age and younger are to be supervised by a person of a minimum eighteen (18) years of age.




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