Here are some relevant links for Committee’s in Community and Sporting Clubs.

Is your club an Incorporated Association?

Follow the link below for information regarding the following:

  • Set up an incorporated association
  • After you incorporate an association
  • Running an incorporated association
  • Financial responsibilities for incorporated associations


For more information regarding Incorporated Associations


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An AGM must happen within 6 months of the end of your association’s financial year.

This meeting is a chance to:

  • state your association’s financial position
  • give audited or reviewed financial statements to your members
  • outline the activities of the year before
  • elect office bearers.

Attendees may be:

  • committee members
  • ordinary members
  • invited guests.

For more information regarding how to conduct an Annual General Meeting

Calling the AGM

Your association’s rules must set out how to:

Under the model rules, the secretary gives notice to each member. They must:

  • outline the nature of the business (including that it is the AGM)
  • send the notice at least 14 days before the AGM
  • send written notice and details of any special resolutions at least 14 days before the AGM.
  • you can send the meeting notice and a notice of any special resolutions in the same document.

For more information regarding ‘Calling the AGM’

Calling a General Meeting

Your association rules must set out how to call a general meeting. This includes:

  • giving notice to members
  • the procedure for general meetings.

Under the model rules, the secretary is responsible for doing this. The model rules require the secretary to call a general meeting:

  • when the committee requires them to call one
  • in response to a signed written request
    • from at least one-third of the committee
    • by a group of ordinary members that’s more than double the number on the committee plus one.

Roles within the Committee

All committees must consist of:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

For more information on these roles please click here


Charities and Fundraising

  • Starting an appeal for fundraising support
  • Running an appeal for fundraising support

For more information on charities and fundraising please click here



  • Registering a cooperative
  • Running a cooperative

For more information on cooperatives please click here

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