There are a number of accommodation options available throughout the Burdekin, including caravan parks, hotels, motels and backpackers.  For those enjoying the camping experience you would be welcome at any of the caravan parks or there are limited areas that allow free or low-cost camping.

Please note that camping is not permitted on a road, in a park or reserve or at a boat ramp unless specifically mentioned here.

Council established the Comfort Stop in Home Hill to provide free facilities and a rest area for travellers.  There is a limit on how long you can stay as sites are limited. A maximum of 2 nights in a 2-week period allows you to stop, rest and explore the area as you head north and south on your adventure. A dump point is also available nearby.

Funny Dunny Park is located in Wunjunga, a small coastal community south of Home Hill.  This small camping ground offers beach access to some of the best fishing spots in the Burdekin.  For a small fee per person per night you can pull up and camp, fish and relax.  The park is serviced by an eco toilet facility and limited clean water.  This facility is for limited camping only with a maximum stay of 4 days in a 2-week period.  A dump point is available in Home Hill near the Comfort Stop.

Camping is also permitted at the following boat ramps. Please note that there is no dump point at the boat ramps and waste is not to be discharged to the land, creek or river. You are welcome to stay for a maximum of 4 days in a 2-week period.

Camping at boat ramps is only permitted at:

  • Barramundi (Morris) Creek boat ramp, Morris Creek Road, Giru (eco toilet only)
  • Wallace Landing boat ramp, Peak Road, Inkerman (no facilities)
  • Cromarty boat ramp, Cromarty Creek Boat Ramp Road, Giru (eco toilet only)
  • Plantation Creek, 652 Old Wharf Road, Airdmillan (toilets only)
  • Barratta boat ramp, Jerona (no facilities)
  • Ocean Creek boat ramp, Ocean Creek (no facilities)
  • Hell Hole boat ramp, Rita Island (no facilities)

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