The Comfort Stop in Home Hill offers travellers the opportunity to stop for up to 48 hours every 2 weeks.  This facility has all of the amenities needed to freshen up and recharge your batteries. The Comfort Stop offers clean showers and amenities, cooking facilities and a grey waste dumping point.  The Comfort Stop is maintained and cleaned daily and should the facility not meet your standards in cleanliness or hygiene please contact the Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800 or complete and submit our customer feedback brochure.

Rules of the Comfort Stop include:

  • All litter to be placed in public/comfort stop bins only
  • Maximum stay 48 hours
  • Activities should not restrict  public use or access to any land, fixture or fittings
  • Overnight stays in vehicles only – no tents allowed
  • The following activities are prohibited:

                  – Parking across driveways or on footpaths
                  –  Clotheslines or washing
                  –  Use of generators
                  –  Disposal of grey, black or chemical water
                  –  Commercial activities

Another rest stop is located at Plantation Park located on the Bruce Highway, Ayr. This park offers a shady spot for lunch or to stretch the legs as well as toilet facilities.

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