What is Ziptales?

Ziptales is a primary literacy program. It was created with the aim of making reading a pleasure. Its philosophy is to offer a vast range of reading experiences, very much like a digital version of a real library, where above all the child actually enjoys the reading.

Where was Ziptales developed, and by whom?

Ziptales was founded by two ex-teachers, Richard and Valerie McRoberts. Richard has been a writer, editor and publisher working at all levels of primary and secondary publishing. He has a Masters in Education and specialised in literature and reading. Valerie was a teacher, editor and publisher. She has an Honours degree in Literature, as well as a Masters in Education, specialising in “gifted” education.

Technical Questions

What technical requirements does it have?

Ziptales will work on any type of computer, both PC and Mac, as well as any device like an iPad or Android Tablet. All you need to do is go to in your browser (we recommend using Google Chrome as it is the fastest and free).

Does it work on an iPad?

Yes! The 300+ stories are now all available to view on the iPad

How do I access Ziptales ?


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