If you are conducting any local or family research, the local history area at the library may be a place to visit. There are local history books, books written by Burdekin locals, photos and other material available containing local information.

The following items are available to view:-

  • The Advocate from 1938 on Microfilm
  • The Home Hill Observer from 1923-1976 on Microfilm
  • The Port Denison (Bowen) papers from 1864-1910 on Microfilm
  • Queensland births, deaths and marriage records on Mircofiche
  • Queensland State Archives shipping registers from the 1860′s until the early 1900′s on Microfiche.

The following Microfilm and Microfiche can be viewed on the Microfiche Reader/Scanner and copied to a portable device or printed for a fee.

Hardcopies of the Advocate are available from January 1999 and Observer are available from April 1984.


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