The 2011-2015 Burdekin Library Strategic Plan provided direction for the development of the library service.

A revision of the Burdekin Library Strategic Plan is being developed.


The Vision for the Burdekin Library is:

A vibrant inclusive Library Service working with key partners to provide quality facilities, services and programs to enable, enrich and connect the Burdekin community.

Purpose and Role

The purpose and role of the Burdekin Library is:

To provide equitable access to information, recreation, and lifelong learning and to facilitate community engagement and cultural connections in welcoming safe and neutral library spaces.


Burdekin Library confirms its commitment to Burdekin Council’s values as identified in the 2017-2022 Corporate Plan. These are:

  • Customers first;
  • Lead and innovate;
  • Value people;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Ideas into action

Consultation Process

Consultation will be undertaken to forecast strategic goals and engage and seek views of key stakeholders.

Key Outcomes

The key outcomes identified for the Burdekin Library in the previous strategic plan were:

Customer and CommunityOur People and their LearningContinuous Improvement:
systems, processes and innovation
Good Governance
Community needs
A staff culture of
continuous learning
To provide appropriate
and enabling
Effective financial and
resource management
Accessible, welcoming
and appropriate places
Effective two way
feedback processes
with staff in place
Compliance with up to
date and defined
policies and procedures
Strategic planning,
timely and accurate
reporting and effective
decision making
Library services well
used, highly visible and
valued and “owned by
the community”
Library staff highly
valued and
recognised for what
they do (internally
and externally)
Efficient and user
friendly data collection,
analysis and review
Sound risk
management and
active compliance with
relevant Council and
State and Federal
government legislation
Quality services and


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