Have you run out of books by your favourite authors? We can help!

These websites are used every day by the staff at the Burdekin Library to recommend books and authors, and inspire everyone to pick up a great read!

For Adults

The Literature Map – For those who love to discover new authors


Try this great site to help you find other authors similar to your favourites. Type in a favourite author to see the display of other authors with a similar writing style – the closer their name appears to the author you typed in the more likely you will like their writing.

Click here to start searching for your new favourite author today.

Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction logo

Fantastic Fiction is the perfect website to find information on books and their authors, including new releases and up-and-coming titles. The best feature about Fantastic Fiction is that it shows the authors’ books in their series (in order), so you can always find out which book comes next!

Click here to find which book to read next!


For Young Adults

Inside A Dog

Inside a dog logo

Inside A Dog is “all about books – by young people, for young people.” You can find great new reads, share your reviews, join a book club, win prizes, read author’s thoughts and discuss book-related news.

Click here to share your reviews and search for your next YA novel.

For Children

Kids Book Review

Kids Book Review logo

Kids Book Review is a “voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally”. They have the latest book news, reviews, and sometimes even interviews with celebrated authors and illustrators.

Click here to help your child’s imagination soar!

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