New phone number for Home Hill Branch Library


With the introduction of the NBN and better internal communication systems the Home Hill Branch Library phone has now been added to the Council phone system. Unfortunately this has also meant the introduction of a new phone number. Jocelyn can now be reached on 4783 9969. The previous number currently has a diversion in place to direct calls to the new number, but this won’t last forever – so best to update the number now, wherever you have it stored!


 New features for Wheelers ePlatform

Wheelers e-book platform        We are excited to announce some great upgrades to key features for members using e-books through Wheelers ePlatform .

Ratings, Saving and Lists

• Ratings – Users may rate titles using a star rating system. Also shown is the average of all other user ratings.
• Saving – Users may ‘Save’ titles via a new top menu item page called “Saved”. For example you may see titles that you wish to read in the future and ‘save’ them. When reviewing your Saved list, you can borrow one of the titles if available, or place a reserve on the title.
• Lists – Saved titles can be organised into lists.

Renew feature

In the past, loans would simply expire or be returned early, and if you had not finished the title you would need to borrow the title again, assuming it was available. To cater for readers who have not finished a book there is now a RENEW feature. Here’s how it works:
• When a loan is two days from expiry, you will receive an email to alert you to the expiration. In this email you are invited to renew the loan if you need more time to complete the title, but note it is subject to availability.
• A title can only be renewed if it is within 2 days of expiry AND the title has not been reserved by another member.
• Once a title is renewed the loan time is extended by the usual loan period from the date the renewal occurred (the time is not added to the existing expiration date).
• There will also be an email sent when the loan expires.

Little People’s Literacy Learning


Burdekin Library is happy to promote FREE online modules specifically designed for parents and carers to provide a raft of activities and learning experiences for children from birth to  5 years of age. These 18 open access modules have been developed by volunteers from the Australian Literacy Educator’s Association and can be accessed from the Association’s website.

A newspaper for kids!

Crinkling News Logo

Burdekin Library has recently subscribed to Crinkling News, the only national newspaper for young Australians. As parents and veterans of the newspaper industry, the publishers realised there was little in the way of child-accessible news outlets in our country. Yet kids are fascinated by the world around them and want to be active in their community. And surprisingly, they are keen to see articles in a print format.

Crinkling News is aimed at seven- to 14-year-olds, but can challenge and absorb all who turn its pages. Subscribers and readers are encouraged to take ownership of their newspaper by submitting reviews and photographs, writing opinion pieces, and suggesting story ideas.

Come on in to the Library to check it out for yourself.


Website subscription renewed



We are delighted to announce we have recently renewed our subscription to Rainforest Coding and can continue to
be able to offer unlimited access from home to a website where you can learn coding in a fun environment
using Scratch which is currently being taught in many Schools. Best of all its designed for kids and adults and a lot of fun.



New way of accessing Tumblebooks


Earlier this year, State Library needed to make some changes to the authentication system for our TumbleBookLibrary account. With this system in place, you can still easily access TumbleBooks from your home.  The new URL will require you to enter your library card number the first time you log in. As long as you have  cookies enabled, you will only have to enter the card number once. Every subsequent login will give you direct access to the collection without having to enter your card number.


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