The Burdekin Region has a tropical climate, with generally hot and humid summers and milder, drier winters.


The Region is characterised by two seasons – the green (or wet) tropical summer season, which begins about November and ends about May, and the dry winter season.

Being a monsoonal climate, most rainfall occurs between January and March.

The cyclone season is normally confined to between December and April.

Marine Stinger Season

The Dangerous Marine Stinger season typically runs from November to May (subject to seasonal variability).


The Burdekin region has fairly uniform temperatures throughout the year.

Typical daytime temperatures range from 14-26C (52-78F) in mid-Winter/dry season, and 24-33C (75-91F) in mid-Summer/wet season.

For current weather observations and reports for the Burdekin Area, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.

More Information

View additional information about the weather for the Lower Burdekin region at the following web sites.

Bureau of Meteorology

The official Australian Government weather information.

Weather Zone

Detailed summary of the current and forecast weather.

Elders Weather

A simple weather information site.

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