There are numerous emerging investment opportunities throughout the Burdekin.
Specific identified opportunities include:

  • Sugar cane value adding;
  • Aquaculture;
  • Lifestyle business and industry;
  • Horticulture and processing;
  • Industrial manufacturing;
  • Biofuels and bioproducts;
  • Export services;
  • Transport and warehousing; and
  • Alternative Crops

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There are significant opportunities for producing more varieties of horticultural products and irrigated broad acre crops. The region’s vast water resources and its high availability of irrigable land are always attractive and reduce the risks for new cropping enterprises. The Burdekin Region is a significant agricultural area and many opportunities exist to value-add.
Mining and industrial activity in the Abbot Point/Bowen region has the potential to generate economic benefits in the Burdekin.

Further investment opportunities exist across the agricultural, small business, education and training, and business services sectors.

Burdekin Shire Council is proactive in pursuing sustainable economic development to create wealth, employment, educational opportunities and enhance the lifestyle of our residents and visitors and plays a vital role in supporting current and attracting new business. Economic development is essential to ensure growth in the region and the council plays an important role in linking primary producers and industry to appropriate state and federal government agencies.

Council’s Economic Development department is actively encouraging primary producers to value-add to their primary crop with the aim of increasing the economic base of the region.

Council actively support innovative and emerging industries by putting such industries in contact with producers who would be interested in diversifying. We also try our best to ensure applications are dealt with efficiently to allow investors to move forward with their projects as quickly as possible.

Analysis of the competitiveness of the Burdekin region compared to other key Queensland investment destinations identifies the following core strengths:

  • Water availability;
  • Fertile land supply;
  • Affordable cost of living;
  • Rural lifestyle, fishing and natural assets;
  • Low business operating costs;
  • Established manufacturing and agricultural workforce;
  • Local business and support services;
  • Dedicated and proactive local government;
  • Proximity to Townsville port, airport and major city services;
  • Located on the main north-south transport corridor;
  • Proximity to mining areas such as Abbot Point, Bowen Basin coalfields and North West Minerals Province; and
  • Active and cooperative business community.

Investment Opportunities in the Burdekin include:
– MBD Energy – Aquaculture

A range of further information and support services are available to assist prospective investors and residents to the Burdekin.

For more information please start by contacting Burdekin Shire Council’s Economic Development Department on (07) 4783 9800.

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