The shire’s main towns of Ayr and Home Hill are just 12km apart and are linked by the landmark Burdekin River Bridge – the longest bridge of its type in Australia. A CBD revitalisation scheme injected new life and beauty into Ayr and Home Hill, with new footpaths, shade structures, trees, gardens, public art works and rest points. Both towns make great stopover points, with their ease of parking, relaxed pace, good cafes and speciality shops.

Apart from its relaxed lifestyle, the Burdekin is famous for its fantastic fishing, unspoilt beaches and spectacular wetlands. Drop into the Visitor Information Centres at Ayr and Home Hill for more information on these and other attractions.


5058.3 sq kms.


Latitude 19° 35′ south, longitude 147° 24′ east, approximately 80km south of Townsville

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