The Better Councils, Better Communities project is about local government listening and responding by driving a culture of high performance to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to our communities.

Nearly a year ago the Burdekin Shire Council pledged to support the Better Councils, Better Communities campaign to empower local government to control their own destiny.

Since then council has taken up the challenge making sure that we promote the ways that we have found to boost productivity and celebrate the gains made on behalf of our community. We have been using the Ready Set Go benchmarking tool to analyse our performance and decide where we need to direct our energies to demonstrate value for money to our community.

Now is the time for us to roll out a new television advertising campaign to promote the Better Councils, Better Communities ideal.

This 30 second advertisement will run for about six weeks across the state on all commercial networks and some digital platforms with the aim of reminding communities of the important, valuable and often innovative work that councils do.

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