The Concept

Burdekin Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin has brought about a change of culture within the organisation by talking with each department and employee to gauge sentiment within Council.

Mr Magin found that employees needed more cohesion and began taking the organisation on a journey to create a united workforce, calling the project – ‘One team, one council’.

The Burdekin Shire Council is undergoing a change which will benefit both employees and the community by changing the mindset of staff to think and work as ‘One team, one council.’
The division between the outdoor and indoor departments is disappearing and employees are working in unity to deliver the best services to council customers – our ratepayers.

“We have a great group of people working for this team, but we needed to look more holistically at how we worked,” CEO Mr Magin said.

“We needed to understand how to change the silo-approach culture where decisions were made by one person and bring a broader decision-making group together and we need to get that through to all of our employees.”

The project

Council developed a Senior Leadership Group made up of the managers and a Senior Supervisors Group to ensure the message continued to filter down the line to all employees.

Council employed a professional development company to provide these two groups with proper tools and understanding, in order for them to drive the project and influence the employee mindset of ‘One team, one council.’

Burdekin Shire Council has now introduced a planned and systematic skills development program specifically aimed at effective project management within council and an emphasis on effective workforce planning.

Council is also reviewing its training budget to ensure the focus is on council priorities and that it delivers an effective return on investment.

To achieve these aims council employees will be asked to model the highest standards of personal professional and organisational values and behaviour.

Part of the change includes a new corporate plan which for the first time at Burdekin, enables every employee to see where they sit under the corporate plan.

The corporate plan also has measures by which the community can evaluate council’s performance, and goals council can strive toward.

The word

“Individually and as a group, our employees are responsible for building and maintaining council’s reputation locally as perceived by ratepayers and community organisations, regionally by neighbouring councils and both State and Federal Governments.

At the core of the ‘One team, one council’ mantra is our commitment to our customers. New thinking is encouraged to improve service delivery and any idea is a good idea as they demonstrate employee engagement and creativity.”
CEO Matthew Magin

The result

This new commitment to Council’s customers is bringing tangible results for the council.

“Compliments logged with council have risen 100 per cent on last year’s figures and complaints have dropped.

“These are the sorts of results that show me, our Councillors and our team that we are on the right path.

“I am very proud of the way our team has picked up the ‘One team, one council’ theme and have run with it.”
CEO Matthew Magin

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