The Burdekin’s Building Safer Communities Action Team (BSCAT) is a strategy implemented by the State Government to develop local partnerships between the Qld Government, local council and community organisations.  The team is responsible for implementing the Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program within the Burdekin Shire.

Since 2009, some initiatives of the Burdekin BSCAT Committee include:

– Promotion of ‘Party Safe Packs’ in 2009
– Undertaking of Queen Street and Eighth Avenue Crime Prevention through environmental design audit
– Promotion of Crime Prevention Week and Child Protection Week
– ‘Lock it or Lose it’ Campaign promoted in Ayr and Home Hill CBDs
– Supported Burdekin Youth Patrol 2008 – 2011
– Distribution of ‘Traveller Beware’ Posters in 2011 & 2012
– Undertaking of Home Hill Street Safety Survey in 2011
– Involvement in 2011 & 2012 ‘Stay on Your Feet Expo’
– Hosted the 2008, 2010 & 2012 Crime Prevention & Community Safety Conference in the Burdekin
– Support to Burdekin Youth Patrol
– Co-ordination and distribution of ‘Traveller Beware’ Posters
– Installation of Rising Tide Warning Signs at Alva Beach
– Monthly Police crime reports and Domestic and Family Violence Support Statistics
– Initiated the installation of security cameras and solar lighting in Tommie Tie Park, Ayr
– Design and circulation of Youth Help Card together with Burdekin Shire Youth Council (2015)
– Ongoing promotion of Lock It or Lose It Campaign via social media and flyers
– Be Scam Smart Poster Design and Distribution (2017)
– Support for the Dovetail Community Action Planning Meeting (2017)
– Ongoing circulation of Holiday Safety Tips
– Support for security at local Youth Events

For more information on the Burdekin BSCAT Committee please contact Council’s Community Development Section on 4783 9832.


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