What is an abandoned vehicle?

Any unregistered motorised vehicle, trailer, caravan, horse float or similar found on any road or in any park or on other land under the control of Council, apparently abandoned or discarded. If you are aware of an abandoned vehicle please contact us.

What steps will be taken to remove an abandoned vehicle?

A Council Officer will endeavour to determine if the vehicle is the property of a person through some form of identification, ie. number plates or registration sticker. A search will be conducted by Council in an attempt to determine the last known owner of the vehicle.

Either the owner will be notified and asked to remove the item, or if Council is unable to identify the owner a notice is placed on the vehicle.  If the vehicle has not been removed within a period of 7 days Council will remove and impound the vehicle.

What happens to unclaimed vehicles seized by Council?

All apparently abandoned unclaimed vehicles detained by Council are stored at a facility to await auction, the proceeds of which are used towards the cost of the impounding.

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