How many animals can I have?

Burdekin Shire Council allows a maximum of 2 dogs and 2 cats to be kept per household without the need to obtain a permit.

If an application is made to have more animals than previously mentioned, it is important to know that Council will only approve these applications (in a residential area with a land size <4000m2) under extenuating circumstances.  It is advisable, before taking on more than the allowable number of animals to contact the Animal Control Officer to discuss your circumstances in detail.  Contact the Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800.

When do I need to have my dog/cat registered?

Burdekin Shire Council requires your dog/cat to be registered from 3 months of age.  Renewal notices for animal registrations are issued in June each year and are due to be paid by 31st July.  A discount is applicable if paid by the due date.

Where can I register my dog/cat?

Animals can be registered at the following locations:

  • Council Chambers, 145 Young Street, Ayr
  • Home Hill Library, Ninth Avenue, Home Hill

What should I do if my dog/cat loses its tag?

A replacement tag can be purchased from the Burdekin Shire Council Chambers or the Home Hill Library.  Refer to Council’s fees and charges for the current fee.

What if my animal is currently registered in another Shire?

Burdekin Shire Council accepts transfers of registration from other Councils provided the registration period is the same (financial year) and the animal is currently registered at the time of transfer.  You will need to show proof of current registration with the previous Council and also pay for a new tag (see fees and charges).  If you cannot prove your animal is currently registered, a new application with appropriate fees will be required.  Contact Customer Service for more information on (07) 4783 9800

What can I do about my neighbour’s barking dog?

For more information on barking dogs please click here

It is recommended that you contact the Customer Service Centre during office hours on (07) 4783 9800 and lodge a customer request.  This request will be followed up by Animal Management and a notice issued to the owner of the dog.  If the barking persists a barking dog diary will need to be completed.  Below is a link to a form which can be completed and returned to customer service via email, fax or in person to the Council Chambers, 145 Young Street, Ayr.

If there is a stray animal in your street, what can you do?

Firstly, you should report the following details to Council by contacting the Customer Service Centre on (07) 47839800 to lodge a customer request.  You will need to provide the following details:

  1. Your name and address
  2. A full description of the animal (eg. type, colour, breed, size)
  3. The identity and/or address of the owner (if possible) or the location it was last seen.

We will then arrange for the Animal Control officer to attend to the address provided and attempt to catch the animal.  If Council cannot locate the animal or determine the owner, we suggest you contact us immediately the next time you see the animal.   If Council can identify the owner of a stray animal, they may be issued with an “on-the-spot” fine and can be liable to pay further release fees.

If a dog on the street attacks you, what can you do?

Firstly, you should immediately report the following details to Council by contacting the Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 to lodge a customer request:

  1. Your name and address
  2. The date, time and location of the attack
  3. A full description of the dog (eg. colour, breed, size)
  4. The identity and address of the owner of the dog (if possible).

If Council can identify the dog and determine where it came from, legal action may be taken against the dog’s owner.  This may include infringement penalties, declaration of the dog as menacing or dangerous and/or potential seizure of the dog.

Does Burdekin Shire Council issue cat or dog traps?

Yes, Burdekin Shire Council have several traps available to loan.  You will need to contact Council’s Customer Service Centre during business hours on (07) 4783 9800 to lodge a customer request. Once a trap is available, you will be contacted to arrange pickup/delivery (in special circumstances) of the trap from the Council Chambers, 145 Young Street, Ayr.

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