The Burdekin Shire Council’s Schedule of Council Rates and Charges can be viewed using the link below.

Burdekin Shire Council provides essential services to the community such as water and waste infrastructure, waste disposal, roads, parks and gardens.

Other services include community, sporting and recreation, environmental planning, public health, environmental protection and waste collection, treatment and disposal.

The rates you pay allow council to fund these services.

Properties in the Burdekin are rated yearly and charges are based on property value and the services provided. i.e. garbage, sewerage, water etc.

The rating year is calculated from 1st July to 30th June the following year. Annual rate notices are sent out soon after 1st July with payment due within 30 days.

Rates and Charges

Rates and Charges for the 2018-2019 financial year are as follows:


Differential General Rates:

CategoryRate (cents) in the dollar ($)Minimum General Rate ($)
A – Residential1.478$1,058
A1 – Rural Residential1.436$1,058
B – Commercial and Industrial1.616$1,079
B1 – Shopping Centre2.508$31,120
C – Grazing and Livestock2.521$1,079
D – Sugar Cane3.984$1,079
E – Rural (Other) less than 20 hectares2.228$1,079
E1 – Rural (Other) 20 hectares or more3.984$1,079
F – Sugar Milling27.978$155,600
G1 – Water (less than 10 hectares)20.741$1,079
G2 – Water (10 hectares or more)69.271$5,012
H1 – Solar Farms (40MW-100MW)3.000$40,000
H2 – Solar Farms (101MW-250MW)3.000$70,000
H3 – Solar Farms (>250MW)3.000$90,000
H4 – Electricity and Telecommunications Infrastructure3.000$1,587
I – Other1.478$1,058

Waste Services:

140L Rural Residential 2 Bin Service$406
240L Rural Residential 2 Bin Service$512
140L Residential 3 Bin Service$463
240L Residential 3 Bin Service$569
240L Commercial 2 Bin Service$448
240L Commercial 3 Bin Service$505
140L Multiple Residential 2 Bin Service$406
240L Multiple Residential 2 Bin Service$512
Additional 140L Residential Refuse Bin$332
Additional 240L Residential Refuse Bin$438
Additional 240L Commercial Refuse Bin$351
Additional Residential Recycle Bin$74
Additional Commercial Recycle Bin$97
Additional Green Waste Bin$57

Sewerage Charge:

Payable where a property is connected, or is capable of being connected to the sewerage system.$540

Water Access Charge:

Payable where a property is connected, or is capable of being connected to the main water supply.$451

Water Consumption Charges:

1st Tier0 – 1,000 kL per year$0.25 / kL
2nd TierOver 1,000 kL per year$1.25 / kL
Water meters are read twice per year in October/November (half-year reading) and May/June (end of year reading).

End of year consumption charges are levied and included with the annual rate notice.

Half year consumption charges are levied and issued in December/January.

Environment Separate Charge:

Funding for environment improvement and natural resource conservation initiatives.$10

Waste Access Charge:

Payable where a property is without an existing refuse service for access to free sorted domestic dumping

at Landfill and Transfer Stations.


Waste Legacy Landfill Charge:

Payable on each rateable land in the Shire to fund expenditure and projects that assist in remediating or reducing

the environmental and human health risks associated with former landfill sites located in the Shire.


Rural Fire Brigade Special Charges:

Levied on all rateable land within the defined Brigade area.
Mount Kelly Rural Fire Brigade$15
Scott Rural Fire Brigade$50

Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy:

This is a State Government charge and Council acts as a collection agent only.

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