Dirk Dabelstein

General Details

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) section provides infrastructure and service support in the following areas:

  • Governance – IT security, data assurance and operating parameters for the use of Council IT systems
  • Infrastructure – provision of equipment and networks to enable the IT systems to meet operating standards (including telecommunications and support during disasters)
  • Functionality – applications development, data management and software support

In addition to supporting Council, the section provides ICT support to:

  • Burdekin Community Association
  • Burdekin Centre for Rural Health
  • State Emergency Services – Ayr and Home Hill

Areas of Responsibility

Functional areas of responsibility include the following:

  • Database Development
  • Hardware and Software Auditing
  • HelpDesk Support
  • Network Administration and Design
  • Network Security and Virus Protection
  • Purchase and installation of Council’s Information Technology equipment
  • Purchase and maintenance of Council’s communications equipment
  • Systems Administration
  • Website Administration and Design

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