Tony Vaccaro

07 4783 9800
0408 194 387

  • Appointed Community Development Manager in 2014.
  • Worked on a number of projects and initiatives to facilitate economic growth and prosperity for the Burdekin and the North Queensland region.
  • 31 years’ Local Government experience.
  • Commenced professional career in the banking industry before moving to Local Government.
  • Resident and educated in the Burdekin.

General details

Responsible for the management, planning, development and ongoing review of high-quality community partnerships that meet the identified needs of residents within the Burdekin Shire and encourage local creativity, vibrancy and diversity.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Network and meet with local community organisations to identify assets, needs and issues, and promote new ideas for development
  • Develop new resources in consultation with the community and evaluate existing programs
  • Ensure effective promotion and dissemination of information about the range of Council and other community services
  • Provide professional advice to tourist association
  • Foster, plan, attend and organise community events and activities
  • Coordinate sport and recreation clubs and other community organisations to maximise use of infrastructure
  • Initiate and maintain a community organisation contact database
  • Oversee the management of the Burdekin Theatre, Burdekin Library, Burdekin Memorial Hall and Ayr Showgrounds


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