Lachlan Kerr

General Details

This section manages the Council’s waste collection services, waste disposal and resource recovery facilities to assist residents to manage their waste in a manner that protects the environment and community health.

Areas of Responsibility

Council provides the following services

  • Collection Services
    • Contractor management
    • Respond to customer requests
  • Waste Disposal and Resource Recovery
    • Operation and management of Kirknie Landfill
      • Maintain resource recovery and disposal infrastructure
      • Continual expansion and progressive rehabilitation
      • Manage recycling and resource recovery services
      • Implement environmental monitoring programs
    • Operational and management of Councils 4 transfer stations (Ayr, Home Hill, Giru and Clare)
      • Operate second hands good shops
      • Maintain resource recovery and transfer infrastructure
      • Manage recycling and resource recovery services
  • Waste Reduction, Recycling and Education Programs
    • Implement the Burdekin Action Plan (North Queensland Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan)
    • Deliver community education programs
  • Legacy Landfills
    • Implement environmental monitoring programs
    • Investigate and implement remediation and rehabilitation works where required

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