Wayne Saldumbide

  • Appointed Manager Operations in 2011.
  • Has 12 years’ Civil Design experience and 15 years’ Civil supervisory experience.
  • Qualifications include Associate Diploma in Civil engineering, Diploma in Project Management and Diploma in Local Government Administration.
  • Core Member of the Burdekin Local Disaster Management Group.
  • 32 years’ Local Government experience.

General Details

Responsible for construction and maintenance of the Shire’s roads and drainage networks, water supply and waste water infrastructure, parks, gardens, public conveniences and cemeteries.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Works – including transport infrastructure and drainage
  • Parks and Recreation – including playgrounds, cemeteries, public conveniences and streetscapes
  • Water and Waste Water – potable water supply and waste water treatment
  • Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)
  • Purchasing and Store


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