General Details

Council maintains a network stewardship relationship with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR). This ensures projects are managed on a contractual basis for both road and drainage infrastructure and boat ramp/jetty infrastructure managed within the Burdekin Shire.

Areas of Responsibility

Main Roads

  • Council maintains, under a contractual agreement with DTMR, sections of the Bruce Highway between Home Hill and Brandon and three state roads including sections of Dalbeg Road, Kirknie Road and Ravenswood Road.
  • Maintenance of these roads is managed in accordance with the Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC), as negotiated between the Council and the department on a two-yearly basis.
  • Additional minor works and sole invitee projects are managed by Council by way of negotiations under an agreed price performance contract. Inspections are often performed on a joint basis and often involve adjacent land owner/s, to ensure efficient programming of works when and where possible.
  • Open tender projects on declared roads are also undertaken within the shire when possible, due to resource availability and time/budget restraints.
  • Other DTMR funded programs such as Blackspot programs, Transport Infrastructure programs and other government funded programs are undertaken by Council in accordance with guideline requirements and specifications with the aim to improving the shire’s road and drainage infrastructure.

Boat Ramps

  • Council is the managing authority for eight boat ramps located within the Burdekin Shire.
  • Annual maintenance of these ramps is conducted throughout the year in accordance with DTMR requirements.
  • Minor and capital works are formally requested, with final submissions being forwarded to Brisbane for approval.
  • Reimbursement of all maintenance, minor and capital works is sought following completion of each project.
  • Council liaises with representatives of DTMR on a regular basis to address issues and concerns of the public, funding recommendations and project planning to ensure the efficiency of the infrastructure is maintained for the boating community.

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