Trade Waste Officer

Emily Christie

General Details

The role of the Trade Waste Section is to monitor and maintain all operational standards for the disposal of commercial and industrial waste water to Council’s sewerage system.

Areas of Responsibility

The Trade Waste section’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing a liquid waste disposal service for domestic, commercial and industrial waste in accordance with the principles for environmental sustainability and in a manner which safegaurds public health
  • To safegaurd the sewerage system against damage, blockage or surcharging
  • To prevent harm or injury to sewerage employees
  • Providing operational data on the volume and composition of industrial and commercial effluent to assist in the operation of the sewerage system, the design of augmentations or new sewerage systems, and waste management reporting

The Trade Waste Section’s duties include:

  • Approving applications to discharge trade waste to Council’s sewerage system
  • Inspecting trade waste generators for compliance with all relevant legislation

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