Queensland Heritage Register

The register protects the past and the present for the future. It ensures our cultural heritage is protected for the enjoyment of future generations. Established under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, the Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places, trees, natural formations, and buildings of cultural heritage significance.

What is it?

The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places or buildings of cultural heritage significance in Queensland. Developed under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, the Register recognises the value of Queensland’s cultural heritage. It gives community recognition to the value and importance of significant cultural heritage places.

Once a place is entered in the Register, the Queensland Heritage Council must assess any changes to be made to the place. Overall, the Register protects significant cultural heritage places, so that they are conserved for future generations.

Click here for details on Private development in a registered place, Exemption Certificates and Development by The State in a registered place.

What is a Register entry?

The Register consists of documents that summarise the significance of places throughout the state. Each entry includes a brief history of the cultural heritage place, a description of its physical fabric, statements of its significance, and location details.

Who maintains the Register?

The register is maintained by the Queensland Heritage Council, which is established under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. The Council consists of 12 members from a number of organisations concerned with heritage conservation and property interests throughout the state.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Cultural Heritage Unit employs architects, historians, and expert conservationists to give advice on conservation of registered properties.

How can I search the Register?

You can search the Queensland Heritage Register by:

  • ordering an extract from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cultural Heritage Unit (fees apply)

You are also able to view summary information on places in the Queensland Heritage Register online.

Other Registers

Cultural heritage places can also be listed in other registers. These include:

  • National Heritage List which includes places of outstanding heritage value to the nation – whether natural, Indigenous or historical or a combination of these. Places on this list are assessed by the Australian Heritage Council and are protected to the full extent of Federal government powers.
  • Commonwealth Heritage List which includes heritage places owned or controlled by the Commonwealth;
  • The National Trust of Queensland has developed a list of significant cultural heritage places throughout the state.
  • Local government registers are becoming common. Established through local government planning schemes and development control plans, the Registers list places of cultural heritage significance to a particular area.

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