How long do you have to make a submission?

For Impact Assessable Developments the applicant must:

  • Publish a notice in a newspaper circulating in the locality of the proposed development.
  • Place a notice on the site of application.
  • Give notice to all the adjoining land owners

All notices must be in the approved form. The public notification period for an application must be carried out for no less than 15 business days.

How should a submission be made?

Submissions must be in writing and should relate directly to the use proposed and its possible impact on surrounding property or the locality.  Council staff can assist you when viewing the application and can answer questions on specific technical issues. However staff are not in a position to comment on the merits of the proposal at notification stage nor is it appropriate that they assist you in formulating your objection or approval.

A signed letter is acceptable. However, State legislation states that only a ‘properly made submission’ will have third party appeal rights.  A ‘properly made submission’ must:

  • Be in written form (dot point is acceptable).
  • State clearly your objections to, or support for the proposed development.
  • Be made to Burdekin Shire Council (the Assessment Manager).
  • Be received during the notification period.
  • State the name, address and be signed by each person who made the submission (Planning Act 2016).


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