From 1 January 2014 the State Government has broadened the coverage of the Urban Levy Scheme to ensure a more sustainable funding base for emergency services.  The levy was extended to include Emergency Management Queensland and applies to all prescribed properties, i.e. every property within Queensland that is a “prescribed property” under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990.

The State Government has advised that the Urban Levy Scheme has been extended to include emergency management, recognising that all Queenslanders are at risk from a wide range of emergencies including floods, cyclones, storms as well as fire and accidents.  Emergency Management Queensland operates the State Emergency Service, emergency helicopter, disaster management and supports volunteer marine rescue services.

As a Local Government, Burdekin Shire Council has a legal obligation under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 to collect the Emergency Management Levy (EML) on behalf of the State Government.

Unlike Council rates where land parcels may be amalgamated for rating purposes, the EML applies to each parcel of land or lot.  However, adjoining lots that are under one ownership and are used as bona-fide primary producing land (under Chapter 2, Part 2 [s 48] of the Land Valuation Act 2010) will be treated as a single parcel.

Council will continue to collect Rural Fire Brigade Special Charges for Mount Kelly and Scott.


Levy Group

“B” Class



1/7/18 to 30/6/19

“D” Class

Home Hill


1/7/18 to 30/6/19

“E” Class

All Other

Rural Areas

1/7/18 to 30/6/19

Vacant or Farming/Grazing land





Dwelling or Farming/Grazing land

with buildings/dwelling






A full list of levy amounts applying to commercial and other properties is contained in the Fire and Emergency Services Regulation 2011.  For more information visit:

Applicable Pensioners whose property is their principal place of residence and who qualify under the State Government Pensioner Subsidy Scheme are eligible for 20% discount on the State Government Emergency Management Levy.

For more information visit:

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