If you experience a significant increase in water consumption and a higher than normal water bill, you may have an undetected water leak somewhere on your property.

To determine if you have an undetected water leak there are a number of checks you can perform:

  • turn off all water appliances (for example showers, sprinklers, taps, washing machines etc.) on your property and monitor your water meter.  If the meter continues to turn over you may have a significant leak somewhere on your property.
  • inspect your property to see if there are any puddles or wet patches that are not drying up.  This may be an indication that there is a leak within the area.

If you discover you have an undetected water leak that requires repairing, you may be eligible for a rebate from Council for part of the water consumption charge.  For a rebate to be considered, you must first have the leak repaired by a licensed plumber and submit the following paperwork to Council:

  • a report from your plumber detailing the undetected water leak
  • a copy of the plumber’s tax invoice for repairing of the water leak
  • a completed Burdekin Shire Council ‘Undetected Water Leak Rebate Application’ form

In the case where the Chief Executive Officer is satisfied (on reasonable grounds) that there was a previously undetected water leak within the property boundaries, the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with delegated powers from the Council, will determine the basis for charging water consumption charges.

His determination (entirely in his discretion) shall be made upon the basis of either of the following:

  • annual water consumption over the previous three (3) year period, or
  • where there is not a history of water consumption charges prior to the detection of the water leak and where the Chief Executive Officer is satisfied as to the bona fides of the claim,

the Chief Executive Officer shall reduce the water consumption charges up to an amount of 50% of the amount otherwise payable.  Please note that only one (1) rebate is available every three (3) years per property, unless a property transfer has occurred.

For more information on undetected water leaks or the required rebate application form, please refer to the following:

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