The kerbside waste service for the Burdekin Shire is either a three-bin Service or a two-bin Service.

The Two-Bin Service consists of:

A 140 litre kerbside refuse service, or alternatively a 240 litre service (red lid bin)* collected weekly.

A 240 litre kerbside recycling service (yellow lid bin) collected fortnightly.

The Three-Bin Service includes the following in addition to the above service:

A 240 litre kerbside green waste service (light green lid bin) collected on alternate fortnights.

* Residents may request to change to the 240 litre general waste bin. The larger bin will incur a higher charge.


Council will charge all residents within the defined service area for waste services. The map defining the service areas is held in Council’s Environment and Health Section.

Council will provide waste services to occupied land only.

The owner or occupier of any residential premises, land or structure within the defined service area that is capable of producing waste will be levied a waste service charge.  The type of waste service charge will depend on whether the premise is located within a three-Bin Service a two-Bin Service area.


Waste Collection Fees are determined annually at the Budget Meeting of the Burdekin Shire Council.  To determine current fees applicable to the following waste services available, please refer to Council’s Revenue Statement 2017-2018 attached in Reports, Budgets and Plans:-

140L Rural Residential 2 Bin Service
 240L Rural Residential 2 Bin Service  
140L Residential 3 Bin Service
240L Residential 3 Bin service
240L Commercial 2 Bin Service
240L Commercial 3 Bin Service
140L Multiple Residential 2 Bin Service
240L Multiple Residential 2 Bin Service 
Multiple Residential Green Waste Service as determined by Council authorised officer and in proportion to residences serviced
Additional 140L Residential Refuse Bin
Additional 240L Residential Refuse Bin
Additional 240L Commercial Refuse Bin
Additional Residential Recycle Bin
Additional Commercial Recycle Bin Additional Green Waste Bin

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