The Burdekin Water Futures (BWF) group was set up in 2006 to facilitate a more strategic approach to water management in the Burdekin. The role of managing the district’s water resources is performed by several different bodies, operating at various levels. BWF brings these different bodies together so that there is greater coordination between them, and better alignment of their efforts.

The BWF Mission

To support a long-term, strategic, whole-of-system approach to understanding and managing the lower Burdekin water resources and associated systems, and thereby deliver long-term economic, social and environmental outcomes that ensure the region’s sustainability.


A primary aim of the Burdekin Water Futures group is to encourage long-term strategic thinking about water management. In working towards this, the group will also:

  • address major issues relating to water resources, such as drainage and run-off
  • identify needs for research and management action
  • be a ‘sounding board’ for planned projects and major initiatives
  • coordinate water and land managers
  • integrate the sometimes-competing interests of science, policy, management and the community
  • build partnerships between government and private sector organisations
  • take the shared views of members to government and other organisations

The inaugural edition of the Burdekin Water Futures newsletter was published in November 2008.


There are two interesting videos about the Burdekin River Area.

The Mighty Burdekin River – Catchment to the Sea

Located in the North Eastern section of Queensland, the Burdekin River is the centerpiece to an entire network of rivers.

Come on a journey along the Burdekin River and through the “Burdekin Region” to learn more about the people and the places that make this section of Queensland a place worth visiting – and on that you will never forget.

View on YouTube

South Burdekin Water Board

The South Burdekin Water Area is a unique groundwater area which is considered the largest coastal aquifer in Australia. Its yield has been managed to develop one of the most highly productive sugar producing areas in the world.

The South Burdekin Water Board is a self-governed body entirely financed by growers and millers in the South Burdekin Area. The board and area was constituted in 1966.

The South Burdekin Water Board’s role is to develop and manage ground water replenishment in the twenty-eight thousand hectare Water Area.

Artificial Recharge means increasing subterranean water supply artificially. Artificial recharge not only adds water to available groundwater supply, but it is also an effective means of disposing of storm water run off.

View on YouTube

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