Tenders and Quotations for Materials

Tenders closing at 2pm Wednesday 17 April 2019 are invited for the supply and delivery of materials to Council as listed below.

  • TBSC/19/001 – Tender for Stone Products – 2019/2020 – Supply, or supply and delivery of road base products.
  • TBSC/19/002 – Tender for Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite – 2019/2020 – Supply and delivery of bulk sodium hypochlorite.
  • TBSC/19/003 – Tender for Ready Mixed Concrete – 2019/2021 – Supply and delivery of ready mixed concrete.
  • TBSC/19/005 – Tender for Herbicides – 2019/2021 – Supply and delivery of herbicides.
  • QBSC/19/005 – Quotation for Cement Products – 2019/2021 – Supply and delivery of cement products.

Specifications and conditions of tendering are available via the online LG Tender Box Portal. All tender submissions must be logged electronically via the following website: www.lgtenderbox.com.au

Tenderers must register in accordance with the instructions on that website. If a Tenderer has any questions in relation to that website they should contact the following:

Phone: 1800 779 027


Submission and acceptance of Tenders shall be in accordance with the relevant specifications. PLEASE NOTE: Tenders will not be accepted if not lodged electronically via www.lgtenderbox.com.au.

Quotation 1914 – Sale of Abandoned Vehicles

Quotations are invited for purchase of Abandoned Vehicles closing 27 March 2019 at 2.00 p.m.

Quotation documents are available from the Council’s Customer Service Centre or can be downloaded here (see list on right).

Quotations are to be sealed in an envelope, marked as QBSC/19/014 – Quotation for the Sale of Abandoned Vehicles and placed in the Tender box at the Council administration building, 145 Young Street, Ayr or emailed to

The vehicles will be available for inspection on 15 March 2019 between the hours of 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. at the Council’s Jones Street Depot.

Any persons making inspections of the vehicles must congregate outside the Foreman’s Office for staff to escort you to the impound area. Visitors to the Council Depot must comply with Council’s Workplace Health and Safety Standards, and in particular the wearing of closed in footwear on site.

All vehicles will be sold unregistered and in an “as is” condition.

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