Burdekin River – Flood Bulletin No. 7 – Thursday 7 February 2019 3pm

Reference to Bureau of Meteorology Moderate Flood Warning for the Burdekin River issued 3:05 Thursday 7 February

The level of the Burdekin River at Inkerman Bridge is rising slowly. The Bureau is predicting that the river could reach 11m at Inkerman Bridge by late this afternoon and with possible future rises the level could reach between 11.2 and 11.3 metres by Friday afternoon. It is anticipated that the river will stay at this level at Inkerman for an extended duration. Further updates will be provided as we see the peak flood level achieved.

The following levels are provided as a guidance only and has been based on previous flooding events. The exact levels may vary depending on individual characteristics of the flood.

The river is currently at 10.80m and rising.

  • At this level (10.80m):
    • The Rita Island Bridge has approximately 2.7m over the deck.
    • Water is on the reserve at Groper Creek.
    • Both Rita Island and Groper Creek are isolated by road access.
  • 8.53m – Water will commence to come against Todd’s Break.
  • 8.84m – Water will commence to come against Warren’s Gully and be likely to begin flowing into Plantation Creek. Please note – the Bruce Highway at Plantation Creek will not be cut at this level.
  • 9.75m – Water is likely to commence coming over the bank at:
    • Tapiolas Break and McDowell’s.
    • Water also likely to enter farms in the Jarvisfield area.
  • 10.67m – Water breaks at Todd’s Break. This causes traffic concerns on:
    • Rita Island Road at Jarvisfield School
    • Kilrie Road at Lando’s.
  • 11.28m – Water is likely to commence coming over the bank at Lago’s and Strano’s farms and move towards Home Hill

The current level of the water in Plantation Creek at the Bruce Highway is approximately 300mm above the crossing and is closed. It is anticipated that this closure will continue at least through Friday. Please see Council’s website, Emergency Dashboard and social media feeds for updates.

Please monitor river levels and updated warnings via:

Council will issue further advice on the Burdekin River height on Friday 8 February 2019 after 9am.

Please click here for a downloadable PDF of the Burdekin River – Identifed Locations and Townships. 

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