Animal registration is part of being a responsible pet owner. The registration and identification of pets is important for the wellbeing of the animal themselves and owner’s piece of mind.  There are also expectations within the rest of the community as to how animals are to be kept.

Animal registration aims to:

  1. Make it easier to re-unite lost animals with their owners.
  2. Provide vital animal identification in the event of a disease outbreak.
  3. Provide statistics to help councils to provide appropriate management strategies and facilities.
  4. Promote responsible pet ownership throughout the community.
  5. Reduce the numbers of unwanted pets.

The only animals currently required to be registered with Council are cats and dogs. Cats and dogs are to be registered once they are 12 weeks old.

If you have other types of animals you may require an approval (permit) from Council to keep them.

Owner’s responsibilities

  1. Upon taking ownership of a dog or cat, animal owners must ensure that it is registered with Burdekin Shire Council within 14 days.
  2. An owner of a dog or cat is required by law to inform Council of any changes to their details within seven (7) days.
  3. All dogs and cats are to be registered whether they are in a rural or non rural area with the exception of working dogs. (The terms ‘working dog’ is defined in the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008. See Fact Sheet)
  4. Registration falls due by 31 July each year, with renewal notices issued in late June.
  5. Irresponsible owners who fail to register their animals with Council will face significant penalties including on-the-spot fines of more than $250 per animal.

To save time, you can download the Animal Registration form to complete at home before returning it, with the registration fee and any supporting documentation, to Council.


  1. A discount of 50% is offered to owners who register their pets during July.
  2. From 1 August to 31 January full registration fees apply.  Pro rata registration for new registrations only is offered at 50% of the full fee from the 1 February until 30 June each year.
  3. Discounted fees also apply for desexed animals, microchipped animals, and if the owner is a current Queensland pension concession card holder.
  4. To encourage cat owners to microchip and desex their cats, Council has introduced free registration for desexed, microchipped cats.  Registration is still required and the owner will be required to purchase any new or replacement tags.
  5. The fee for a new animal registration includes the provision of an identification tag, excluding where no fee applies.
  6. Burdekin Shire uses a permanent tag system with a unique registration number assigned to each animal for their life span.  Animals should wear registration tags at all times (it’s important to regularly check that your pet’s tag is visible and undamaged).
  7. Replacement tags are available from Council Chambers or the Home Hill Library for a fee.
  8. Registration can be paid at the following locations:
    • Council Chambers – 145 Young Street, Ayr
    • Home Hill Library – Ninth Avenue, Home Hill
    • BPAY – for renewal of registration only (see renewal notice for details)
    • Australia Post – for renewal of registration only (see renewal notice for details)
  9. Please note that if you pay by BPay or at Australia Post and you have any changes to your details you will have to contact Council or return the updated form to Council.
  10. A dog or cat that was born on or after 1 July 2010 must be implanted with a microchip by 12 weeks of age and the microchip number must be provided to Council.
  11. Regulated dogs, including dangerous dogs, menacing dogs and restricted dog breeds, have additional registration requirements.  Please check with Council for specific details.
  12. Working dogs (kept on rural land by a person who works as a cattle producer) are exempt from registration provided adequate proof of their status can be shown. Please see Working Dog Assessment form.
  13. If your animal dies you are able to make application for a refund from Council. The amount you are refunded depends on Council’s pro rata fee as per Council’s fees and charges.
  14. Current registration fees can be found by viewing Council’s fees and charges.

Further information

To register your animal contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 or email

To save time, you can download the Animal Registation form to complete at home before returning it, with the registration fee and any supporting documentation, to Council.

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