Dogs or cats found straying may be impounded. To receive their animal back the owner must have a suitable enclosure so the animal won’t escape again and pay release fees.

Who is affected

If your animal is found to be straying it may be impounded by Council.  The following are instances where your animal may be impounded –

  1. Found wandering at large in public places.
  2. At the request of the occupier/owner of land where the dog or cat is found wandering at large on their property.
  3. The occupier/owner of land seizes an animal found wandering at large on their property and delivers the animal to an authorised person to be impounded – However note that Council is not obliged to accept the custody of that animal.
  4. Animals are dropped off at the Council pound.

If the animal is wearing the Council’s registration identification and/or is microchipped, Council Officers will endeavour to contact the owner of the animal immediately so they can release their pet. If the animal does not have any means of identification and the owner does not contact Council within three (3) working days the animal may be rehomed or euthanased.


Impounding and holding fees apply for the release of any animal held at Council’s Pound.

Costs may escalate for each release if the animal is impounded more than once.

Release fees incorporate the cost of impounding and transporting to the pound. If the animal is not registered and/or microchipped, these fees will be charged in addition to the release fee.

Owners are also charged a fee to cover food and care for every day their pet has been kept.

Who to Contact

If you observe an animal wandering in a public place or have an animal wander onto your property please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 (all hours) to ensure the animal can be secured in a safe location until its owner can be located.

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