Council receives a number of complaints each year in relation to birds being kept by neighbours. To try and minimse the nuisance effects from birds Council has introduced minimum standards for keeping all animals as well as some extra requirements for various types of birds.  Certain birds are not allowed to be kept or can only be kept with the approval of Council.

Nuisance aspects for birds including poultry
Council receives a number of complaints each year in relation to:
– Smelly chicken coops; and
– Noisy cockatoos or roosters

To try and minimise this residents are not allowed to have noisy birds on properties under a certain size and there are minimum standards for keeping the birds.

If you are experiencing problems with noise or how a neighbour is keeping their birds please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on telephone 4783 9800 to lodge a request.  Council’s Compliance Officers will then follow-up with the owner of the bird/s.

Please note that animal noise complaints may require further assistance from you such as the completion of a diary to log when the noise occurs.

Approval to keep certain birds including poultry

An approval from Council is required to keep certain birds on some properties.  The requirements are specified in Schedules 1 and 2 of Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2012 can help you answer this question. Details are also available on our webpage Approval to keep Animals.

Please note that you will need to know the size of the allotment where the bird/s are to be kept.

Minimum requirements for keeping birds

Minimum standards have been set for keeping all animals.  Specific requiremnts have also been provided for certain animals including birds. For more information please refer to fact sheets or Schedules 4 and 5 of Subordinate Local Law 2 (Animal Management) 2012.

Click here to access the Local Laws.

Further information
For further information on birds and poultry….

Please contact the Customer Service Centre using the Online Contact Form.

You can also contact the Customer Service Centre using one of the following methods.

Customer Service Centre

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145 Young Street,
Ayr Qld 4807
Postal AddressPO Box 974
Ayr Qld 4807
Opening hours8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)
(07) 4783 9800 – Business hours
(07) 4783 9800 – After hours (the same number)
Fax(07) 4783 9999
OnlineUse the Online Contact Form

Building Certification and Plumbing Officers

Early OpeningPlease phone (07) 4783 9942 if you need to access the Building and Plumbing Department between 7am – 8am, Monday to Friday.

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries please email

Compliments and Complaints

The Burdekin Shire Council is committed to an open and friendly relationship with members of our community. Whether you’re telling us what we do well, or how we can improve, your feedback is important to us.If you would like to provide a compliment or complaint regarding actions or decisions made by Council, or by one of our councillors or officers, please visit the
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