Ask about Council Local Laws.

Register your dog and make sure it wears its tag at all times, this may save its life.

Buy your dog a good leash and collar and use it.

Advise Council if your dog changes owners or if there is a change of address.

Desex your dog. Do not contribute to the over supply of dogs. Desexing will make your dog healthier, more affectionate and home loving.

Supervise the children and the dog when playing together.

Teach your children responsibility towards their dog.

See that your dog has regular meals and plenty of fresh water.

Wash your dog’s bowl out prior to filling it.

Brush your dog regularly to remove tangles and to prevent matting of hair, particularly longhaired dogs.

Bath your dog fortnightly or when necessary using a mild pure soap. Choose a warm day free from wind and dry your dog thoroughly.

Exercise your dog every day.

Go to the vet if your dog is sick.

Train your dog. Take it to training classes and stick with it, once or twice is not enough. An untrained dog can be a nuisance.

Vaccinate your dog and make sure it receives an annual booster. Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus are killers. Consult your vet.

Consult your vet about Heartworm. It’s a problem in dogs.

Ensure your dog has a cool place in which to lie especially in summer.

Treat your dog for ticks.

Ensure your dog is properly looked after when you are absent or go on holidays.

Remember dog faeces are annoying, offensive and can be dangerous to human health. Please clean up after your dog when in public, walking the dog and at home.

Remember if your bitch comes in season it may cause chaos in your area if you do not know how to cope. If you need help or advice, ask your vet.  It is recommended that dogs on heat be kept secure in your property.


Obtain a dog unless your property has a suitable enclosure.

Let children torment your dog.

Allow your dog to wander.

Allow your dog to make excessive noise.

Have more than 2 dogs on a house block without prior approval from Council. If you are in a unit please discuss with Council prior to getting a dog.

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