The Queensland Government has introduced laws to promote responsible dog breeding. The legislation came into effect  26 May 2017 and applies only to dogs born on or after this date.

The laws require all persons giving away, supplying, selling or advertising dogs or puppies to have a Supply Number that identifies the Registered Breeder of that dog.

Breeding dogs

From 26 May 2017 you can register as a puppy breeder by following the link below to the Queensland Dog Breeder Register. There is no cost to register as a breeder.

A Breeder is someone who has a female dog with a litter. Any person who is a Breeder must have a supply number, unless they qualify for an exemption.

The laws apply to people who are professional breeders, occasional breeders and to people who are not making money from the dogs or puppies supplied. The laws apply to occasional, accidental or planned litters.

A Breeder must be registered and have a supply number within 28 days of the first litter being born. A Breeder only needs to register once, however it is to be renewed each year. Currently there is no fee to register.

You must not give away, supply, sell or advertise a dog or puppy without a Supply Number that identifies the Breeder or provides an Exemption. The Supply Number must be displayed whenever a dog or puppy is advertised for give-away, supply or sale.  All suppliers, including pet shops, must display the Supply Number when selling, advertising or otherwise supplying dogs or puppies.

Supply Numbers can be obtained by registering on the new Queensland Dog Breeder Register. Alternatively, a Supply Number may also be a membership or permit number from an organisation or local government that accredits dog breeders – and that has been approved by the Minister as an “approved entity”.

The supply number will also be required information when the puppy is microchipped.

Please use this link to the Queensland Dog Breeder Register

Buying or getting a dog

You are encouraged to only buy or receive dogs and puppies that have a Supply Number identifying the Breeder.

The Supply numbers and Queensland Dog Breeder Register allow the origin of dogs and puppies to be traced.

You will be able to check that the Breeder is registered and may contact them directly regarding the dog.

When you get a dog or puppy:

  • Look for a supply number displayed in the advertisement or where the dog or puppy is being offered for sale.
  • Check the online register to confirm the Supply Number is valid and identifies the Breeder
  • Contact the Breeder if you have questions about where the dog or puppy has originated
  • Make sure you receive the microchip transfer of ownership papers with the dog or puppy at the time of purchase and that these papers include a valid Supply Number.

Use this link to check the Supply number or if a registered breeder.


In certain circumstances an application can be made for a Breeder Exemption Number.

These include:

  1. You are a primary producer breeding working dogs who wishes to give away, supply, advertise or sell the dog to a person who:
    • Is not a primary producer; or
    • Is not going to keep the dog as a working dog;


  1. You are a person who:
    • Is the owner of, or responsible person for, the dog; and
    • You did not breed the dog; and
    • You do not conduct a business activity that includes the supply of dogs

To lodge a complaint

Please use this link to lodge a complaint in relation to a dog breeder.

For more information

Please call Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or visit their website.

Fact Sheets

Please refer to the following fact sheets for further information.

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