For many people their pets are beloved member s of the family. Each pet has it’s own quirks, fears and needs. Having a pet is a serious responsibility and comes with obligations as well as expectations within the  community.  These obligations and expectations are the basis for responsible pet ownership.

While the information below focuses on dogs in many cases it can be used for other pets.


Dog owners should do a few simple things to keep their pets out of trouble and their neighbours happy:-

  • Make sure your dog is properly fenced in at home with an adequate sized fence and gate.  Also make sure the fence is low enough your dog can’t dig under, strong enough your dog can’t push it over and hole proof so that your dog can’t escape or attack people through it;
  • Ensure that the enclosure also provides shelter from the sun, heat and rain;
  • Buy your dog a good leash no longer than two metres long and USE it when outside your property;
  • DON’T allow your dog to wander. Roaming dogs are a risk to themselves and the community;
  • Train them not to bark excessively;
  • Stop them from being aggressive so that your pet doesn’t hurt other animals or people;
  • Clean up after your dog, especially in public areas (parks, etc) using a bag. Remember, you are legally required to clean up after your pet;
  • Register your dog within 14 days of ownership and make sure it wears its tag at all times. An attached name-tag with your address is always helpful.;
  • Inform Council of any changes to your registration details within 7 days;
  • Any dogs or cat born after 1st July 2010 must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age.  Anyone who supplies (this includes sell, give or exchange) an animal is responsible for the microchipping;
  • Vaccinate your dog by consulting your local veterinarian;
  • When buying a puppy make sure it has been bought from a registered breeder; and
  • A well exercised dog makes a contented pet, so responsible pet owners need to make time to regularly exercise their animals.

Who to contact

For more information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 or email


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