As you are aware, issues arise seasonally throughout Queensland regarding conflicts between magpies and people.  This usually involves male magpies displaying territorial behaviour during the nesting time and swooping at passers by, and sometimes results in persons being struck by the bird.


Attacks from aggressive magpies can cause distress or injury to members of the public and frequently result in demands for action to remove the bird.There are various issues and responsibilities associated with magpie nesting season, which takes place annually between July and December, and peaks in August to October.Only a small percentage of male magpies act aggressively in the defence of their nest.  These magpies will try to deter pedestrians and cyclists from approaching their nesting area by swooping, beating their wings, clicking their beaks and in the case of the more aggressive birds occasionally pecking.  This behaviour usually occurs within 100 m of the nest and only occurs when chicks are present, and will usually last for only six to eight weeks.

Department of Environment and Science has information on magpies including swooping magpies on their website.

Who to Contact

For further information on living safely with magpies please call Department of Environment and Science on 13 74 68.



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