Burdekin Shire Council’s Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2012 prescribes a minimum set of standards for the keeping of animals or a particular species of animals.

To ensure the welfare of animals are maintained, Council requires the following minimum standards to be provided:-

Keeping of Animals in General

  • Require the regular cleaning of enclosures and the disposal of animals waste;
  • Required adequate provision of food and water;
  • Require the provision of adequate space for the animals;
  • Provide for the separation of enclosures in which animals are kept from places used for human habitation or the preparation of food or from watercourses or water catchments areas; and
  • Make other provisionsor the maintenance of proper standards of cleanliness and hygiene

Keeping of Birds in Enclosures

  • The provision and access of adequate shelter, clean drinking water and appropriate food;
  • Waste waters from enclosure to be drained in a nuisance free manner;
  • Any excreta, offensive material or food scraps must be collected at least once each day and placed into an approved fly-proof refuse receptacle for disposal;
  • The provision of a proper enclosure to confine the birds/poultry at all times;
  • A pen/aviary must be sited a distance from an habitable dwelling that ensures that noise, odourand infestation of vermin does not impact on that residence;
  • Any enclosure which includes an open fenced area, must be sited a minimum distance of 1500mm from the allotment boundaries; and
  • The use of lime maybe beneficial to reduce odour problems which are created from the poultry enclosure.

Who to Contact

If you are aware of anyone who may not be maintaining the minimum standards of animal related property hygiene please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 or email

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