Council has introduced a subsidised de-sexing program to assist some owners of cats and dogs.

Owners of a cat or dog who are experiencing financial difficulties but would like to have their pet de-sexed can apply to Council for assistance.  The application will be assessed and if approved a $30 co-contribution is to be paid to Council prior to the surgery.

The criteria for the program are:

  • The application form is to be completed
  • Proof of ownership of the animal is required
  • Proof of economic circumstances – employment status, pension, Centrelink card holder, concession card holder or the like
  • 1 animal per address per year
  • The animal must be registered and microchipped
  • The enclosure must be suitable for the animal
  • The animal must be suitable for de-sexing as per Vet advice
  • Any costs associated with unforeseen circumstances that arise with the animals health during the operation will not be covered by the program
  • Any conditions imposed by the vet  are to be addressed prior to the de-sexing appointment.

Applications will be considered on their merits. Criteria for assessment in addition to the details requested in the application form include:

  • Income from all sources
  • Living expenses
  • The applicant must occupy the property and be responsible for a reasonable proportion of expenses associated with the property.

To lodge your application for the de-sexing program please complete the following form:


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