Burdekin Shire Council licenses and inspection premises in accordance with the Food Act and uses Safe Food Australia – 2 nd edition January 2001 as the fit-out and operational guide on all food throughout the shire. For further information please consult with the Environment and Health section or take a look at the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand site.

Application Process For Constructing New Premises

Prior to fitting-out or operating a food premises, ensure that you have followed these simple seven (7) steps.

  1. Step One:Confirm with Burdekin Shire Council’s Planning Department of any required:
    • Planning and building approvals;
    • Plumbing and drainage approvals;and/or
    • Trade waste approvals.
  2. Step Two:Complete all appropriate details on the following application forms. An Environmental Health Officer will be able to assist you with completing and submitting the form(s).
  3. Step Three: Submit the application, including at least two copies of plans and the Application Fee to the Environment and Health Department for approval.
  4. Step Four: Receive your conditional approval from both the Planning and Environment and Health Departments. Don’t hesitate to contact the Environmental Health Officer if you have any queries.
  5. Step Five: When you are close to completing the fit-out, phone the Environmental Health Officer and arrange a final inspection.
  6. Step Six:At your final inspection, the Environmental Health Officer will:
    1. Issue notices for any outstanding fit-out requirements;
    2. Give you an application form for your registration and licence; and
    3. Advise you of the Licence and Registration Fee required for your premises.
  7. Step Seven: Once your EHO has given you the go ahead to operate, submit your Licence and Registration application form, together with the Applicable Fees. Fees are waivered for Community/Charity Organisations.

It will take approximately five working days for your licence and registration to be delivered to you via the mail.

Your Application Process For Purchasing An Existing Premise

Prior to purchasing an existing food business, it is always a good idea to arrange for an inspection by an Environmental Health Officer to assess all non compliances with the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards.  A small fee is applicable for an inspection to be carried out.

An application will need to be submitted to Council for a food business licence following a purchase.

If you are purchasing an existing premise you will need to transfer the registration into your name and apply for a licence. This can be done using the following form.

Remember the licencee must satisfy the Skills and Knowledge requirements.

It is recommended that you request an inspection to be carried out by an Environmental Health Officer to assess all defects or breaches of the Food Act 2006.  It allows a potential purchaser to know the work required to be done to the premises for full compliance with the Act to be met. Anything that is in breach of the Act is addressed before you take over as the new owner.

An Environmental Health Officer will complete a Site Assessment Form and give you a written decision within five (5) working days of the inspection. A small fee is applicable for an inspection to be carried out.

For further information or to book a Inspection, contact the Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

Making Changes

If you are thinking about making fit out changes to your food premises, make sure you let Council know beforehand and submit an application and plan of changes for approval.  Remember fore planning can save you time and money in the long run!

Note: If It is important that you do not begin fit out of your premises until after you have received written approval from Council. Failure to do so may result in more time and money on your part!

Skills And Knowledge

The person/company applying for the licence must prove to the Environmental Health Officer that they have sufficient knowledge on food handling. To show this, the licensee can do one of three things:

  1. Complete a recognised food handler training course.
  2. Sit a short multiple choice exam at Environment and Health Services office. Each applicant can attempt the exam only once. A minimum pass of 20/20 for Part A and 25/30 for Part B is required to show competency.
  3. Produce certificates or similar, showing passes in basic food handling, sanitation and hygiene (equivalent to a national INT8 – occupational hygiene course)

Food Handler Courses

Contact any of the following to enrol in a course:

Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
Phone: 4750-5244
Axis Training Pty Ltd
Phone: 4725-8822
AQIS Training Services
Phone: 4775-6310
Future Skills
Phone: 4755-1611


For further information please contact the Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

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