Burdekin Shire Council licenses and inspection premises in accordance with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand.

Application Process For Constructing New Premises

Prior to commencing operation of a food premises it is recommended that you speak to Council’s Environmental Health Services, Town Planning and Engineering departments to find out what you need in regard to Health, Planning, Building, Plumbing and Trade  Waste  requirements.

Environmental Health Services will give you a comprehensive document regarding the specifications for the setup of a food premises, (Fit out Guide for fixed premises) which outlines everything you are required to do. Once you have plans put together they will need to be lodged with Town Planning and Engineering as well as Environmental Health Services for approval. When approval has been granted from Environmental Health Services, Building Certifier, Town Planning and Engineering you may commence building or fit out of your food premises. When this has been completed a final inspection from Environmental Health Services, Building Certifier, Plumbing Inspector and Town Planning and Engineering will be required.

After all approvals have been granted, and you have received your certificate for Food Licence, you may commence operation of your food business.

What you must submit to Burdekin Shire Council – Environmental Health Services

Application for Food Premises Plan Approval and Food Business Licence Application, including two copies of:

  • Site Plans (not less than 1:100) listing details of correct situation of property and real property description;
  • Floor Plans (not less than 1:50) listing details of layout for all benches, basins and equipment storage;
  • Sectional Elevation (not less than 1:25) to indicate details of finishes to walls, floors, ceilings, benches and storage.
  • Mechanical Exhaust Ventilation Plan (not less than 1:50) including all operational specifications.
  • Hydraulic Plans (not less than 1:50)
  • Transport Vehicle Plan (not less than 1:50) including layout of all the equipment, fixtures and fittings and the types of materials used
  • Full explanation of selected box/es in the Suitability of person to hold a licence section (if applicable).

Your Application Process For Purchasing An Existing Premise

Health compliance search

If you are purchasing an existing food premise, it is recommended that you request a health compliance search be completed, prior to purchase. A health compliance search will tell you:

  • What permits are current for the premises;
  • If there are any health fees associated with these permits that are outstanding;
  • If there are any outstanding requisitions from previous inspections;
  • If there are any structural requirements on the premises

Prior to purchasing an existing food business, it is always a good idea to arrange for an inspection by an Environmental Health Officer to assess all non compliances with the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards.  A small fee is applicable for an inspection to be carried out.

If you are purchasing an existing premise you will apply for a license.

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Remember the licencee must satisfy the Skills and Knowledge requirements.

Making Changes

If you are thinking about making fit out changes to your food premises, make sure you let Council know beforehand and submit an application and plan of changes for approval.  Remember fore planning can save you time and money in the long run!

Note: If It is important that you do not begin fit out of your premises until after you have received written approval from Council. Failure to do so may result in more time and money on your part!

Skills And Knowledge

The person/company applying for the licence must prove to the Environmental Health Officer that they have sufficient knowledge on food handling. To show this, the licensee can do one of three things:

  1. Complete a recognised food handler training course.
  2. Produce certificates or similar, showing passes in basic food handling, sanitation and hygiene (equivalent to a national INT8 – occupational hygiene course)

Food Handler Courses

Contact any of the following to enrol in a course:

Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
Phone: 4750-5244
Axis Training Pty Ltd
Phone: 4725-8822
AQIS Training Services
Phone: 4775-6310
Future Skills
Phone: 4755-1611


For further information please contact the Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

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