Food Safety & Hygiene

Each year, 5.4 million or 1 in 4 Australians get food poisoning and it is estimated that about two thirds of these cases come from commercial food premises.

Food poisoning can have serious health impacts and so it is important that food businesses ensure they store and handle food correctly so the food they serve to the community is safe to eat.

If you suspect food poisoning or unhygienic conditions please contact the Customer Service department on (07) 4783 9800, and an officer will help you with your complaint.

All food providers must comply with strict legislation and we have fully qualified Environmental Health Officers who will investigate each enquiry.


Food Act 2006:

Ensures that food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption to prevent misleading conduct relating to the sale of food and to apply the Food Safety Standards Code.  For a copy of the Food Act 2006 visit

 Food Safety Standards (Chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code):

Specific requirements for food businesses, handlers, premises and equipment to ensure that only safe and suitable food is sold in Australia.  For a copy of the Food Safety Standard visit

Food Safety Training

Under the provisions of the Food Act 2006, Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Div 2 Clause 3 requires persons undertaking or supervising food handling operations to have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety matters.

In addition the Act also requires each licensed food business to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor. Please contact the below providers if you require accredited training to become a Food Safety Supervisor.

Accredited Food Safety Training Courses

Contact any of the following to enroll in an accredited course:

Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE

Ph: 4750 5244

AQIS Training Services

Ph: 4775 6310

Future Skills

Ph: 4755 1611

CFT Qld (Online course)

Ph: 1300 665 633

Food Safety Supervisors and Food Safety Programs

Food Safety Supervisors (FSS)

As you may have been aware, the new food legislation Food Act 2006 made provision for every licensable food business in Queensland to have a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).  This requirement will commence from 22 February 2008.

All licensed food businesses will be required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor, whose role is to ensure food hygiene and safety standards are achieved and maintained within the food business.  To be nominated as a food safety supervisor, a person must:

  • Hold a statement of attainment of specified competencies, issued by a Registered Training Organisation
  • Have the ability to supervise food handling in the food premises
  • Have the authority to supervise food handlers
  • Have skills and knowledge relating to food safety and identification of food safety hazards

All new food businesses licensed after 22 February 2008 are required to notify Council of who the Food Safety Supervisor will be within 30 days of the issue of their licence.

The list of Registered Training Organisations able to deliver the required training or conduct assessments for recognised prior learning can be located at:

Council is also organising for some courses to be held here in the Burdekin in the near future. Please contact Environmental Health to register your interest.

Food Safety Programs (FSP)

Under the Food Act 2006, high risk food businesses will be required to have a Food Safety Program in place by 22 February 2008.

Council will advise all relevant food businesses of their requirements as the information becomes available.


If you have a complaint in regards to a hygiene matter at a food premises operating in the Burdekin Shire please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800.

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