Council’s Local Laws introduced in July 2012 provide separate requirements for each type of accommodation. The Local Laws have been established to ensure that residents and visitors have access to accommodation which meets high standards in public health, safety and amenity.

Each of the following require an approval from Council to operate and compliance with the specified Local Law.

Subordinate Local Law 1.6 (Operation of Camping Grounds) 2012 – tent accommodation only is accepted on site.  If caravans are permitted then Subordinate Local Law 1.8 listed below applies.

Subordinate Local Law 1.8 (Operation of Caravan Parks) 2012 – the requirements under this Local Law are to assist with a pleasant experience at all local caravan parks.  This includes guidelines for minimum amenities based on site numbers, distances from other sites and the amenities as well as maintenance of the facilities.

Subordinate Local Law 1.11 (Operation of Rental Accommodation) 2012 – this local law includes accommodation provided for backpackers, bed and breakfasts, workers camps, hotels that provide backpacker type accommodation, boarding houses, hostels, farm stays and the like.

This local law does not apply to the following premises:

  • a residential tenancy under a residential tenancy agreement;
  • public housing as defined in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009;
  • motel;
  • hospital, nursing home or other institution where people are cared for on a live in basis;
  • accommodation located within, or as part of, an education facility, boarding school or religious institution;
  • a resident providing accommodation for immediate family members;
  • A community title scheme under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997;
  • A private home in which accommodation is provided for not more than 2 boarders
  • family members;
  • Premises used to provide residential services, as defined in the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002, and
  • at a building in which the only accommodation is provided for lifesavers;
  • at a building in which the only accommodation provided is recreational accommodation for camps for school groups, girl guides, scouts or similar groups

Accommodation facilities providing food may also be subject to a Food Business Licence.


Application for an Approval under the relevant Subordinate Local Law is to be completed after approval has been given in conjunction with the appropriate IDAS Application for Town Planning approval.  Fees apply for both of these applications.

If an approved accommodation facility is sold, an application for a Transfer of Approval must be completed and the relevant fees submitted to Council.  Once the accommodation facility is sold, the new owner and or approval holder is responsible for all outstanding requisitions.

Council highly recommends prospective purchasers request a Health Inspection prior to settlement.


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