An abandoned vehicle is any unregistered motorised vehicle, including trailer, caravan, horse float or similar found on any road or in any park or on other land under the control of Council, apparently abandoned or discarded.


Council Officers endeavour to determine if the vehicle is the property of a person through some form of identification, ie. number plates, VIN number or registration sticker.  A search will be conducted by Council in an attempt to determine the last known owner of the vehicle.  If identified the owner will be notified that failure to effect removal of the vehicle within a period of seven days will result in seizure and removal by Council.  If the owner is not able to be identified Council will place a sticker on the vehicle requesting the removal of the vehicle by the owner within seven days.

After seven days the vehicle/location will be inspected and if the vehicle is still there, Officers will organise the removal of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not claimed by the owner within 30 days the vehicles become the property of Council.  Unclaimed vehicles are auctioned or sold by Tender and are advertised on Council’s web site.

Abandoned vehicles on private property are the responsibilty of the land owner.

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