What is an overgrown allotment?

Vacant land or domestic surrounds that, in the opinion of an Environmental Technical Officer, contains grass, weeds, plants or other vegetable growth in such quantity and in such condition to cause reasonable apprehension of danger by fire, or be likely to form a breeding place or harbourage for vermin, including reptiles.

If you are aware of an overgrown allotment please contact us. When notifying Council of an overgrown allotment your name and address will be required together with the location of the offending property. NOTE: Personal details are treated confidentially.

What action does Council take?

An inspection is carried out to determine the extent of the breach. If the complaint is justified, a letter is issued to the owner asking them to clear the allotment to Council’s satisfaction within a period of seven (7) days.

What happens in the event of non-compliance?

If the owner fails to clear the land within the specified period, Council will serve a Public Health Notice giving them a further fourteen (14) days to carry out the required works.

If the owner ignores Council’s correspondence, further legal action may be taken.

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